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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones

Five Nights With Mac Tonight 2: Remastered ^NEW^

"A McDonald's restaurant is currently closed for readjustments, and will be involving some brand new animatronic characters to be included! However, the building is not yet finished, yet the characters are ready to be delivered. The warehouse is in need of a night watchmen to keep an eye on the building overnights, and the characters over the next five nights while the McDonald's finishes construction.However everything doesn't seem right during your night.."

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered

He looks the same as the first remastered game, only now he's damaged. His head's a little bumpy. The pupil of his left eye glows white, while the other eye does not shine. His hat seems to be a little torn and dirty. His clothes are dirty together with his face a little dirty too.

I trust you along with the other workers here. But please make sure to keep a careful eye on the cameras tonight, okay? This is going to be hell to pay if these robots are broken when they get to the restaurant.

Our staff checked in the room where that door leads to, we haven't found anything weird in there. It even happened again earlier today. Just keep an eye on it, alright? Also, speaking of Grimace: he's been acting up lately. The kitchen staff reported that he just randomly entered the kitchen from time to time, and he'd just do nothing but stand there. If he moves tonight, eh, I'd bet he'd go to the kitchen. He may know about your way of distracting the others with the kitchen sound, so be careful. 041b061a72


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