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Should I Buy A Camry Or Rav4

You did your research and decided that you wanted to buy a Toyota. You shopped around, checked out the different features, and test drove some sweet rides. Now, you have narrowed it down to the two vehicles you like best and need to know, should I buy a Camry or a Rav4?

should i buy a camry or rav4

The second-row space is exceptional - possibly class leading, in fact. I'm 182cm (six-feet in the old money) and with the driver's seat set to my position I had inches of legroom space, good toe wiggle room, good shoulder room and excellent headroom. If you're a parent with tall teens, this will definitely do the trick - and if you're kids are little, there's easily enough room for a pair of child seats (maybe even three, but we'll have to get CarsGuide Family reviewer Nedahl Stelio to conduct that test on the new RAV4!).

How much is a Toyota RAV4? Well, that depends on which model in the range you choose. Here's a price list - model by model - that should act as a guide to the trim levels. These prices are before on-road cost (also known as RRP), but not drive away prices. You may have to wait a little while for deals.

And if you're interested in how the tech performed, the blind spot monitor came in handy because there's quite a blind-spot over your shoulder when you driving, and while the lane departure warning is a little eager, the lane assist system that keeps you centred on highways is quite handy.

Our Toyota RAV4 problems page is the best destination if you want to understand reliability ratings find out common complaints, and it should even give you an idea about resale value, too. Oh, and while you might find the info online, it also pays to check the owners manual for info on oil type, capacity and consumption.

The Toyota RAV4, a crossover/compact SUV, has the advantage of offering more interior volume, reflected in more front shoulder room, rear head room, rear shoulder room, and trunk space. The Toyota Camry, a midsize car, has the advantage in the areas of front head room, front leg room and rear leg room.

Regardless of which trim you choose, the RAV4 has an incredibly spacious cabin. Passengers in the rear have plenty of legroom, and there is an abundant amount of head and shoulder space. Also, the vehicle offers plenty of foot space up front for the driver and front passenger.

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