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Where To Buy Cool Lighters

A Bic is a simple, relatively reliable lighter. But, it certainly does not deliver the same performance as other, more expensive lighters. And while a Bic will likely go down in the pantheon of cool lighters, there is a myriad of alternatives offering better flame control, wind resistance, and durability. If you need a light in a pinch, a cheap Bic lighter will do. If you want something that will last a while, continue reading for our review of the best lighters you can own.

where to buy cool lighters


Peanut lighters are another classic EDC essential everybody is familiar with. This EDC peanut lighter features the same classic waterproof design everyone knows and loves, in a package that can easily fit on a key ring or strap band. This particular model features a new design, including a long-lasting replaceable wick, and each package includes six flints, one windproof wick, and two waterproof O-rings to make sure your lighter stays dry and ready for use any time, anywhere.Buy: $9

This deck of playing cards might just be the coolest way to light up on poker night. This unique lighter features deck of cards design with a refillable windproof butane lighter.This unique lighter features deck of cards design with a refillable windproof butane lighter.

Rock out with this Mini Guitar Lighter. You know it will be a face melting show once the LED lights kick in. Smoking cigarettes has never been cooler. After you are done evoking the flames be sure to shred a few cords so those around you are aware of your musical prowess.

WASHINGTON, DC - Responding to calls from fire prevention and child safety groups across the country, U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) today introduced the "Protect Children from Dangerous Lighters Act" legislation banning cigarette lighters constructed to look like toys or regular household items. Commonly referred to as "novelty lighters," the toy-like devices, which naturally appeal to small children, have been the cause of deadly fires across the country."Because they are so well disguised as toys, novelty lighters have children literally playing with fire," said Wyden. "A nationwide ban, which is supported by fire fighters and consumer groups alike, is the best way to keep these dangerous products out of the hands of youngsters."Senator Collins said, "Novelty lighters can be deadly to young children and should be banned. While Maine is among states that have already approved such a ban, the ban should be nationwide. This is commonsense legislation that could help prevent additional injury and death of children resulting from lighters that look like toys or other items.""While they may appear to be harmless toys, novelty lighters can be incredibly dangerous to young children," Dodd said. "I am proud to join Senators Wyden and Collins in introducing this legislation to ensure that no family is forced to face a tragedy because an innocent child confused a lighter for a toy."The lighters have caused tragic accidents across the country. In Oregon, one boy died and another sustained permanent brain damage after the two played with a novelty lighter shaped like a dolphin. A lighter shaped like a cell phone caused second degree burns to a young boy in North Carolina. In Arkansas, a two year old and 15-month old died in a fire they accidentally started by playing with a lighter shaped like a toy motorcycle.The ban would require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to treat novelty lighters as a banned hazardous substance which would prohibit the manufacture, importation, or sale of the lighters anywhere in the country. Currently the lighters are easily purchased in convenience stores in many states, though Maine and Tennessee have passed novelty lighter ban legislation and similar bans are being introduced in other states, including Oregon. A ban is also in place in the European Union.A federal ban is supported by fire-fighting and consumer and child safety groups including the National Association of Fire Marshals, the Congressional Fire Institute, Safe Kids USA, the Consumer's Union, and the Consumer Federation of America. In addition, the ban is supported by the cigarette lighter industry, represented by the Lighter Association. Novelty lighters are largely imported from China.

Osceola County Fire Rescue is asking for your help in a nationwide effort to ban novelty lighters. There are literally hundreds of lighters disguised as toy animals, cell phones, cameras, motorcycles, balls, and other colorful items that are attractive to children. They are being sold on websites, at flea markets, T-shirt shops and in your local stores!

For years, the fire service has taught children to avoid lighters and that they are tools, not toys. But children are attracted to novelty lighters because they look like toys. It is nearly impossible for a child, and oftentimes an adult, to distinguish between what is a toy and what is a lighter. Unfortunately, this contributes to the disturbing statistics related to children and fire.

There is growing legislative support to ban the sale and distribution of these lighters. So far eight states have passed legislation limiting or prohibiting the sale of novelty lighters, and another 12 states are considering legislation.

You can help Osceola County Fire Rescue by removing these lighters from your possession. Please look around your home and remove any novelty lighters you find. Parents - do not purchase these type of lighters for your children.

Unlike disposable sparkwheel lighters, a Zippo wick will stay lit until you cut off the oxygen supply by closing the lid. You can even leave a Zippo burning like a candle. The downside, however, is that the eyelet which exposes the fuel-filled wick is always exposed. This can result in fuel leakage (and a nasty rash on your skin).

Also called jet lighters, turbo lighters, or cigar lighters, butane torch lighters contain butane stored in a pressurized chamber. The fuel is forced through a nozzle with air, creating a very intense, strong, and hot flame. They are basically like mini Bunsen burners.

The benefit of torch lighters is that you can aim the flame in any direction, even upside down. Because of this, they are often used for lighting pipes. They are also often used as cigar lighters because they get hot.

Also called flameless lighters, these are battery-operated lighters. Electricity from the battery heats a coil inside the lighter, which can then be used to light cigarettes or other things pressed against the coils.

These lighters have become very popular because they work in windy conditions, require no fuel, are rechargeable, and are simply cool. Price varies drastically. Pay attention to brand reputation and battery life when choosing an arc lighter.

Permanent matches have gotten a lot of hype from the survivalist community. Yes, they are cool, and you get many more lights out of them than with standard matches. The flame is also more resistant to wind than a standard match. However, much of the info about permanent matches is a bit misleading.

Pipe lighters solve this by changing the design of the lighter. Instead of having the flame come out of the top, the flame comes out of the side of the lighter. In other designs, the flame is encased in metal so it can be pointed down into a pipe.

NOTE:LIGHTER FUEL NOT INCLUDED, all lighters are empty, so please fill fuel before the actual lighting.It is recommended to regularly take care of the Vintage Lighter to extend its life and use times.

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