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If you're looking for a way to download Ithenticate for free, you might be tempted to search for a cracked version online. But before you do that, you should know the risks and consequences of using pirated software. In this article, we'll explain what Ithenticate is, why you need it, and how you can get it for free legally.

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What is Ithenticate and why do you need it?

Ithenticate is a plagiarism detection software that helps researchers, publishers, and academic institutions ensure the originality and integrity of their work. It compares your content against a database of over 89.4 million journal articles, books, conference proceedings, and web pages from the world's premier academic publishers. It also checks for citation errors, paraphrasing issues, and self-plagiarism.

You need Ithenticate if you want to:

  • Publish your research in reputable journals and avoid plagiarism accusations

  • Apply for grants or scholarships and demonstrate your credibility

  • Review manuscripts or proposals and detect potential misconduct

  • Teach or study in an academic institution and uphold ethical standards

How to use Ithenticate to check for plagiarism

To use Ithenticate, you need to create an account and buy credits. Each credit allows you to upload one document of up to 25 pages or 125,000 characters. You can also buy a subscription plan that gives you unlimited access to the software for a certain period of time.

Once you have an account and credits, you can upload your document in various formats, such as Word, PDF, HTML, or plain text. You can also paste your text directly into the online editor. You can choose to exclude quotes, references, abstracts, or small matches from the similarity report.

After uploading your document, Ithenticate will scan it and generate a similarity report within minutes. The report will show you the percentage of similarity between your document and the sources in the database. It will also highlight the matching text sections and provide links to the original sources. You can review each match and decide whether it's acceptable or not.

The risks of using cracked software

Some people might think that downloading a cracked version of Ithenticate is a smart way to save money and get access to the software without paying. However, this is a very risky and illegal practice that can have serious consequences for your reputation, security, and finances.

Here are some of the risks of using cracked software:

  • You might violate intellectual property rights and face legal action from the software owner or publisher.

  • You might download malware or viruses that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

  • You might get inaccurate or outdated results that can compromise the quality of your work.

  • You might lose access to updates, support, or features that are available only for legitimate users.

  • You might damage your reputation and credibility as a researcher or professional.

How to get Ithenticate for free legally

If you want to use Ithenticate without breaking the law or risking your security, there are some ways to get it for free legally. Here are some of them:

Use the free trial version

Ithenticate offers a free trial version that allows you to upload up to 10 documents within 14 days. This is a great way to test the software and see if it meets your needs. However, keep in mind that the free trial version has some limitations, such as:

  • You can only upload documents of up to 10 pages or 50,000 characters.

  • You can only exclude quotes and references from the similarity report.

  • You can only view the similarity percentage and the number of matches, not the detailed report.

  • You can only use the software for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Apply for a grant or scholarship

Another way to get Ithenticate for free is to apply for a grant or scholarship that covers the cost of the software. For example, Turnitin, the company that owns Ithenticate, offers a Global Innovation Awards program that recognizes educators and students who use Turnitin products to enhance learning and academic integrity. The winners of the program receive a cash prize and a one-year subscription to Ithenticate.

There are also other organizations and institutions that offer grants or scholarships for researchers and academics who need plagiarism detection software. You can search online or ask your peers for opportunities that suit your field and interests.

Join a research institution or publisher that uses Ithenticate

The third way to get Ithenticate for free is to join a research institution or publisher that uses Ithenticate as part of their workflow. Many universities, colleges, libraries, journals, and publishers have institutional subscriptions to Ithenticate that allow their members to use the software for free or at a discounted rate. You can check if your current or prospective institution or publisher has such a subscription and how you can access it.

If you're an independent researcher or author, you can also submit your work to journals or publishers that use Ithenticate and request a copy of the similarity report. However, this might not be possible for all journals or publishers, and you might have to wait for a long time before you receive the report.


Ithenticate is a powerful and reliable plagiarism detection software that can help you ensure the originality and quality of your work. However, downloading a cracked version of Ithenticate is not a smart or safe option. It can expose you to legal, security, and reputational risks that can outweigh any potential benefits.

Fortunately, there are some ways to get Ithenticate for free legally. You can use the free trial version, apply for a grant or scholarship, or join a research institution or publisher that uses Ithenticate. These options can help you access the software without breaking the law or risking your security.

However, if none of these options work for you, you might want to consider buying a legitimate version of Ithenticate. It might seem expensive at first, but it can be a worthwhile investment in your career and future. You can choose from different plans and packages that suit your budget and needs. You can also contact Turnitin's customer support team for any questions or issues you might have.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about Ithenticate and how to get it for free legally. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. And remember, always cite your sources and respect intellectual property rights!


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. We do not endorse or promote any illegal activities or products. We are not affiliated with Turnitin or Ithenticate in any way. Please consult a lawyer or an expert before taking any action based on this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Turnitin and Ithenticate?

Turnitin and Ithenticate are both plagiarism detection software products owned by Turnitin LLC. However, they have different purposes and features. Turnitin is designed for students and instructors who want to check assignments and papers for plagiarism and improve writing skills. Ithenticate is designed for researchers and professionals who want to check manuscripts and proposals for plagiarism and ensure academic integrity.

How much does Ithenticate cost?

The cost of Ithenticate depends on the type and duration of the plan you choose. There are two types of plans: pay-per-use credits and subscription plans. Pay-per-use credits allow you to upload one document of up to 25 pages or 125,000 characters per credit. Subscription plans allow you to upload unlimited documents within a certain period of time. The prices vary depending on the number of credits or the length of the subscription. You can check the current prices on Ithenticate's website.

Is there a free alternative to Ithenticate?

There are some free online tools that claim to offer plagiarism detection services similar to Ithenticate. However, these tools might not be as accurate, reliable, or secure as Ithenticate. They might have a smaller or outdated database of sources, a lower or inconsistent quality of results, or a higher risk of malware or data breach. Therefore, we recommend using Ithenticate or another reputable plagiarism detection software instead of relying on free alternatives.

How can I cite my sources correctly and avoid plagiarism?

To cite your sources correctly and avoid plagiarism, you need to follow the citation style and format that your institution, publisher, or field requires. There are different citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc., that have different rules and guidelines for citing sources. You can use online citation generators or tools to help you create and format your citations. However, you should always double-check and proofread your citations for accuracy and consistency.

Can Ithenticate detect paraphrasing or self-plagiarism?

Yes, Ithenticate can detect paraphrasing or self-plagiarism. Paraphrasing is when you restate someone else's ideas or words in your own words without changing the meaning or context. Self-plagiarism is when you reuse your own previous work without proper citation or permission. Both paraphrasing and self-plagiarism can be considered plagiarism if they are not done correctly or ethically. Ithenticate can identify paraphrasing or self-plagiarism by comparing your document with the sources in the database and highlighting the similar text sections. dcd2dc6462


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