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Young Gay Video Links

Throughout The Legend of Zelda series, Link has made multiple appearances in a variety of incarnations. He has been rendered in both 2D and 3D form and has been traditionally depicted in his signature green cap and tunic carrying a sword and shield. Over the course of the series, he appears as a child or young adult of the Hylian race, which originates from the fictional kingdom of Hyrule. Within Zelda lore, Link is the soul of a legendary hero that throughout history is reincarnated within a seemingly ordinary boy or man when the need arises for a new warrior to defeat the forces of evil. To defeat Ganon, Link usually obtains the mystical Master Sword or a similar legendary weapon, which is obtained after completing various trials. Over the course of his journey, he also acquires other magical items, including musical instruments and other weaponry.

young gay video links

In 2002, Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled an anime-inspired design for Link at E3 2002, which had been created for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.[23] The "Toon Link" incarnation proved to be initially controversial due to its childlike cartoonish style.[24] Toon Link was originally created by graphic designer Yoshiki Haruhana as a way to evolve the series.[25] Miyamoto commented in a 2003 interview: "Actually we never intended to create a shockwave, it's just we were trying to make something new".[26] He said that after many experiments, the development team had decided that cel-shading was the best option for expressing a young, energetic boy.[27] Toon Link eventually carved his own identity into the franchise by appearing in multiple entries in the series and being introduced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.[23] Producer Eiji Aonuma explained that after the initial reaction, gamers began to accept Toon Link, and commented, "so after Wind Waker we created Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks with the new artwork style".[28]

Since the first instance of voice acting in the series (in Ocarina of Time), Link has been voiced by eight actors: Nobuyuki Hiyama in Ocarina of Time (as adult Link); Fujiko Takimoto in Ocarina of Time (as young Link), Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past and Four Swords for the Game Boy Advance and Minish Cap; Sachi Matsumoto in The Wind Waker; Akira Sasanuma in Twilight Princess; Yūki Kodaira in Spirit Tracks; Takashi Ōhara in Skyward Sword; Mitsuki Saiga in A Link Between Worlds and Link's Awakening (the 2019 version only); and Kengo Takanashi in Breath of the Wild. In Tri Force Heroes, Fujiko Takimoto, Sachi Matsumoto, Yūki Kodaira and Mitsuki Saiga all reprise their roles as Link, acting as alternate voices.[35]

Link is a brave, skilled warrior and the hero of The Legend of Zelda series. Over the course of the series, he has appeared in a variety of ages and forms, ranging from child to young adult, and in Twilight Princess, also appears in the form of a wolf.[39][40] He displays the characteristic traits of the Hylian race, being of human form with elfin features, including pointed ears. Since the original 1986 The Legend of Zelda video game, he has been repeatedly depicted wearing his characteristic green cap and tunic.[41] However, he has also appeared wearing other outfits, including a blue lobster shirt in The Wind Waker and his blue Champion's Tunic in Breath of the Wild.[42] Link is described in the original game's instruction manual as a "young lad" and a traveller[43] and in later games, such as Breath of the Wild, as a knight of Hyrule who is sworn to protect the kingdom and Princess Zelda.[44] During gameplay, he carries a sword and a shield, but has also wielded a variety of other weapons, including bows, spears and axes.[45]

Link was introduced on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the original 1986 game release The Legend of Zelda. Due to the limited hardware of the era, Link was rendered as a simple 8-bit 2D character within a flat environment viewed from a top-down perspective.[57] In the opening introduction, he meets an old man who offers him a sword and declares "It's dangerous to go alone!" Link is described as a "young lad" who saves Princess Zelda's elderly nursemaid Impa from Ganon's henchmen. Link assumes the role of the hero and must rescue Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule from the evil wizard Ganon, who has stolen the Triforce of Power. During the game, the player controls Link as he explores 128 areas of Hyrule. Nine dungeons each contain a special item that gives Link the ability to defeat that dungeon's boss; he must defeat them all before fighting Ganon.[58][43]

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) and is the first 3D game in the Zelda series. It was a landmark game in terms of the detail and quality of the graphics and the influence it had on later video games. The game was the first to include Link's horse Epona.[62] Link appears in two forms, as a younger and older version of the same character wearing his green tunic.[59] The game is one of a few in the series that presents Link as a child, carrying the Hylian Shield and a slingshot for a weapon.[69] The plot involves Link travelling between the present and the future by using the titular Ocarina of Time in order to stop Ganondorf's takeover of Hyrule. As a result, Link comes to be known as the "Hero of Time" and is successful in stopping Ganondorf both in the present and in the future. Link is accompanied by the fairy Navi, who gives him hints about enemies and his surroundings.[70] In 2011, Link also appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, a remake of the original 1998 game for the Nintendo 3DS.[71]

Writing for Den of Geek, Ryan Lambie described Link's character as "the videogame equivalent of Tintin" because he is "the archetypal young hero, embodying all the optimism, generosity and spirit of adventure a broad fantasy action game requires. And just as Tintin's simple design served as a reader's entry point into Hergé's stories, Link acts as the player's eyes and ears in Hyrule, a filter through which audiences can experience the colourful characters, action and perils the world constantly introduces." He further commented that Link is one of the most enduring video game characters because he is "a sympathetic hero" and "the ultimate videogame underdog. He really is an ordinary yet brave little guy who wants to save the world, in spite of insurmountable odds."[188]

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So much of the video was about empowering young people here in the United States to participate in this campaign to make Joseph Kony famous more than it was about educating people in a meaningful way about Kony, the atrocities he has committed, and what it would actually take to find and try him in an international court of law.

I took to Google and Twitter and quickly found a strong, negative response to Kony 2012 that addressed all of the things that were making me so uncomfortable about the campaign. Some of those links are below.

OkCupid's 2017 redesign was deeper than hiring a clearly-millennial graphic designer. The brains behind the overhaul understand that for young, left-leaning singles, a partner's politics are more serious than "If we agree, that's great. If we don't, that's fine, too." Users can weed out people they'd hate by answering deal-breakers about things like keeping a gun in the house or schools requiring children to be vaccinated.

The most common types of cancer among men in the US are skin, prostate, lung, and colorectal cancer. Some younger men might be at risk of testicular cancer and Hodgkin Lymphoma. Some gay men, especially those who are HIV positive, might have a higher risk of anal cancer. Knowing about these cancers and what you can do to help prevent them or find them early (when the cancer is small and might be easier to treat) may help save your life.

The statistics show that one in seven new HIV infections worldwide is attributed to adolescents, yet young people living with HIV remain one of the most vulnerable and at-risk populations and are often overlooked in global health agendas.

Because cyberbullying can happen in different ways, examples based on real-life experiences can provide a deeper understanding of the tactics typically used. Along with other risk factors, bullying can increase the risk for suicide-related behaviors. Furthermore, cyberbullying can be relentless, increasing the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Some states have chosen to prosecute young people who bully for criminal harassment, including encouraging someone to die by suicide. Some forms of cyberbullying are forms of harassment that cross the line into criminal activity, and some tactics occur in dating relationships and can turn into interpersonal violence.

Whether you are exploring coming out, looking to connect with other LGBTQ young people or want to take advantage of opportunities to prepare for your future, The Center provides services and programs specifically for LGBTQ young people.

Are you gay and in Japan? We'd love to hear from you and your experiences. Know a good club or bar, let us know in English, Portuguese or Japanese. Have a gay site and wish to exchange links? Contact us via the "Contact" button at the top of this page.

Rivera was born in New York City in 1951 to a father from Puerto Rico and a mother from Venezuela. She was assigned male at birth. Rivera had an incredibly difficult childhood. Her father was absent and her mother died by suicide when Rivera was 3 years old. Raised by her grandmother, Rivera began experimenting with clothing and makeup at a young age. She was beaten for doing so and, after being attacked on a school playground in sixth grade by another student, suspended from school for a week. Rivera ran away from home at age 11 and became a victim of sexual exploitation around 42nd Street. 041b061a72


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